“The sixteen participants hold a double status which is contradictory – they are instruments orchestrated by Phil Minton and unleashed forces of nature all at once.” Raluca Oancea (Nestor) in Revista ARTA about Phil Minton’s Feral Choir, our ODD NIGHT #15 on July 12, 2017.


DSC_6688Read a review in Revista ARTA of all the art projects part of LGBT History Month including SAVAGED pINK, by Valentina Iancu.





Ionuț Dulămiță tells for Scena 9 the story of the archive of gay press and correspondence from the 90s we showed as part of SAVAGED pINK. Text in Romanian.




15039593_1310614798978412_139774911578876384_oRaluca Nestor-Oancea discusses various projects on art, technology & post-humanism, among which The Disappearance of Technology. Please use your Google robot to translate the text from Romanian.




11Read an amazing literary take on The Return of Bas Jan Ader by The Chronicle founder George Șerban. Text only in Romanian (and hardly translatable).




1-e1475159235668The ‘Independent’ Condition. An account of the independent East scene by Vlad Morariu in mezosfera.org, where ODD is also discussed.





ODDBALLS & KNOTHEADS. Anti-psychiatry and resistance. A thorough discussion of our project KNOTS by Georgiana Cojocaru in Revista ARTA.





Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield AntiCafe Seneca 2015

The Fall of Enthusiasm. An interview in Revista ARTA by Ștefan Iancu with Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield about his residency at ODD.




Read the interview with Cristina Bogdan upon the opening of ODD in December 2014, conducted by Iulia Popovici from Observator Cultural (in Romanian only).


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