ODD in 2018

Now in its fourth year, ODD is running smoothly with a regular program of residencies and events.

After inviting artists, curators and other thinkers to investigate the notion of privacy as part of our 2017 program, a shared interest in means & methods of coming together emerged. From various angles, our guests questioned contemporary possibilities of sharing space, ideas and emotions at a scale which bypasses hierarchy and alienation. It seems as though young people around ODD are curious about what can be done when everyone is just a whisper away. In 2018, four young women curators perform their interests together with an artist of their choice. Adriana Blidaru invites Shaun Motsi, Georgiana Cojocaru works with Open School East member Lou Sainsbury, Cristina Vasilescu brings the house down together with Nora Silva, and Anca Bucur collaborates with like-minded Mara Genschel.

The ODD THEORY sessions are in full blossom this year, as we team up with Modulab and Fractalia to deliver 3 sessions on writing/politics, commons/decolonialism & techno-culture, hosted by renown thinkers from all over the world. Each event will consist of a public talk and a private reading session and will conclude with a publication written by the participants.

Our interest in South-East Asia only gets keener: this year, we have an exchange program with Yogyakarta, Indonesia which materializes in various events between March-July, and we also dedicate QUIET ODD to artist films from the region – we hope you will enjoy these discoveries as much as we do!

Finally our sound sessions are as strong as ever, with ODD NIGHTS bringing a full-on line-up featuring one Romanian jewel alongside an international star, for 8 powerful sessions. The baby of the family, Introspective, offers a gorgeous selection of intimate encounters with sound lovers of all kinds throughout the year.

We are extremely happy that the entire program is co-funded by AFCN, who once again is the invaluable supporter of the independent contemporary art scene. We are also grateful for the extra support we receive this year from the Goethe Institut.

ODD will be gracefully hosted in 2018 by The National Literature Museum (MNLR), in the attic of their permanent exhibition space at  8, Nicolae Crețulescu St. We are looking forward to this new partnership and the interpretations it will open!



ODD NIGHTS goes next level

We started ODD NIGHTS in 2014 with the firm belief that the role of a gallery goes beyond showcasing art. Also, we never defined ourselves as gallery, but rather an open-ended space providing the necessary context for art and its related activities, a place that welcomes collaboration and encourages cross-cultural pollination.

ODD NIGHTS is the purest incarnation of this philosophy, bringing together perfomers, VJs, artists and other agitators on the fringes of the musical spectre.

Before ODD NIGHTS, there was barely any space for the experimental, the unclassifiable, the not quite there yet, the ambient DJ and the noise bricoleur. All of those happenings had been done in true DIY spirit, with friendly sound gear lending, boyfriend abusing and many creative solutions.

Thanks to a newly acquired grant via AFCN, we are now finally able to take things to the next level – from July to November, we’ve invited a series of extremely exciting local and international artists to do a series of talks, workshops and special performances.

These events will help develop the loosely-defined experimental music scene, building a much needed sense of community and facilitating meetings and collaboration between local and international like-minded artists.

The series debuts with revered vocal improviser Phil Minton doing his infamous open-for-all workshop series Feral Choir in July, followed by a special performance with the participants.

September comes with an unconventional concert by Timișoara veterans Makonouchi Bento together with selfmademusic, continuing the experimental electronics streak in October with German award-winning female-pressure activist AGF, and American wunderkind Max Eilbacher in November.

We want to build a friendly, safe space of pan-sonic creation and glamorous experimentation for all the nuances of the underground rainbow.

Launch of Revista ARTA #24-25/2017


ODD is proud to host the launch of a new issue of Revista ARTA, its main publication, featuring a compelling collection of texts on the issue of hybridity, curated by the magazine’s online editor Cristina Bogdan.

The essays in this section are written by some of the most interesting contemporary Romanian artists & thinkers – Alina Popa, Florin Flueraș, Irina Gheorghe, Ion Dumitrescu, Adriana Gheorghe, Ștefan Tiron, V. Leac, Bogdan Lypkhan, Mihnea Mihalache-Fiastru, a wonderer known as Șmirghel, Livia Pancu, Marta Jecu, Ovid Pop, Mihai Pecingine, Georgiana Cojocaru and Kinema Ikon main theoretician Gheorghe Săbău. Mihai Pecingine also translated Germán Sierra’s take on Additivist literature. There are visual contributions by Alle Dicu, Xavier Antipa and Mitoș Micleușanu, plus an original insert by the duo Monotremu.

The event starts at 7 pm on May 12. There will be presentations of the main theme of the issue and discussions from the main contributors from 8 pm. These may continue in an informal manner afterwards, to the sounds proposed by Ion D.

Casting for the project Give concrete a try

BioJeremieFor the shooting of the film that Jérémie Gaulin is preparing as part of his residency at ODD, we are looking for actors and actresses.

Castings take place Friday, September 16 at 17h + Saturday, September 18 at 16h. Location: ODD.

Each candidate will be asked to be part of a 15-20 minutes conversation with the artist, including a moment of on-the-spot improvisation. No need to prepare or learn anything beforehand.

Please bring with you an object of your choice.

For more information please email Jérémie.

KNOTS reviewed by Georgiana Cojocaru in Revista ARTA

ODD_18“When faced with the arrogant pretense of the official archives to the literary recovery of the past, the anti-archive from ODD wants to recover the interior interconnections, the ad-hoc data and people networks that are forced to permutations that are not necessarily governed by cause and effect, but by the ad-hoc relation networks.”

Read a close review of KNOTS by our young friend Georgiana Cojocaru in Revista ARTA.

Call for Projects: Expanded Space

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVolum Art Association launches a new call for projects for the programme Expanded Space, with the theme The grey area. The call is open throughout the period June 14 – July 17, 2016.

This year’s theme aims to question the methods of separating the public space from the private one, at the level of both physical space and discourse; to explore the limiting of gestures, actions and conversations in the public space; to inquire the process of establishing and legitimizing the frames of public interventions, as well as the extent to which these allow the participation of different groups and individuals. The theme intends to provoke a series of acute responses to the specificity of Romanian public space, which is now in a moment of tension and formation.

The artists are invited to propose temporary site-specific works: sculptures, installations, object-sculptures, performance. The space designated for the setup of the object or for the course of the intervention is to be chosen by the artist and should be motivated in the application. The proposed projects should answer to the theme The grey area, should be executed specifically for Expanded Space and this should  be the first time they are publicly presented (they should not have been previously presented in the context of another project, exhibition, event, etc.).

The organisers will cover the production of the works within the limit of the overall budget, without the cost of one work exceeding the sum of 7000 lei gross.

For the application please send:

1. Application form (which can be downloaded here);

2. The presentation of the project/s proposed (an artist can present up to three projects) which should contain:

a) the description of the project (description, technical details and the requested budget);

b) photo montage;

c) the concept (which should imply its link to the proposed theme);

3.   CV, artist statement, photo of the artist;

4.   Portfolio (5 representative artworks from the last 5 years)

The proposals should be sent to: spatiu.expandat@gmail.com.

More information on the Volum Art website.

ODD book raise

2 page - Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch 180Friends!

We are looking to expand our contemporary art library at the back of our new space.

Ideally, it should contain artist books, albums, catalogues, art history, art theory and philosophy books, in either Romanian or English.

We would like to select the most relevant ones, index them, and have them in free access in the ODD space. You will thus be able to consult them on the spot, during a talk or after a screening, or even read them with a nice cup of tea over one afternoon.

If you have interesting and original pieces in any of these categories, that you feel you can share with others, then please:

  • drop us an email at info@oddweb.org,
  • a line at 0761.458.203,
  • or bring them over straight away, from next week onward between 12-19!

QUIET ODD #9 part of Like CNDB

pg-jimmyrobert-album3_tcm41-82030As part of Like CNDB, ODD proposes a meeting with French artist Jimmy Robert, who will screen and discuss a 30-minute documentation of “A clean line that starts from the shoulder”, his latest solo show at M Museum, Leuven, followed by a Q & A session open to the public. For this project, Robert explores the different ways that lines and movements can be interpreted. He starts from Idel Ianchelevici’s fine line drawings of androgynous Africans.

The session takes place on April 14, from 19.30, venue Stere Popescu at CNDB. Facebook event here.

ODD settles down

Atena an3A space for theoretical discussion and social gatherings of all kinds, ODD welcomes to Bucharest artists, writers, critics, philosophers, performers, scientists, activists. Through residencies and informal events such as discussions, workshops, reading groups, performances, ODD provides for a combination of intimacy and playfulness, dialogue and resistance, from which to act upon the world.

Between December 2014 – August 2015, ODD was hosted in a villa in downtown Bucharest. It went through a nomadic period until March 2016.

From April 4, we are happy to announce that ODD is permanently hosted at 13, Șelari St. with the precious support of the Romanian Artists’ Union. We are receiving the space from the Atelier 35 team, Larisa Crunțeanu + Xandra Popescu, who we would like to thank for being an incredible professional and emotional anchor throughout our creative endeavors.

The Romanian Artists’ Union also generously provides the residency space, a small studio located at 33, Ermil Pangrati St.

In 2016, we continue our residency program as well as the QUIET ODD and ODD NIGHTS series. We are also developing a sustained educational program, comprising several reading groups, which we think of as a more responsive project following on ODD THEORY.

We look forward to seeing you at our new space from April 6 onward, when we launch the educational program with the first session of Utilitarian readings.

On April 13, our residency program kicks off with Atena adjusting her sandal, a project by Adelina Ivan curated by Georgiana Cojocaru.

Even days are over.

QUIET ODD #8 + collaboration with the Czech Centre

coverOn Sunday 21 February at 17.00, in connection to Tatiana Fiodorova’s exhibition When a book becomes a message, part of the Future Museum program launched by the Czech Centre in Bucharest, ODD invites cultural critic Vasile Ernu to propose a screening revealing to the public aspects of the Soviet underground in the 80s and 90s.

This is the second QUIET ODD for which we partner up with the Czech Centre, and since our understanding is in the region of perfection, we decided we wanted to make the relationship last. QUIET ODD becomes a permanent joint venture between the CC and ODD. Long live the friendly cooperation between the peoples!