• The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

    Cristina Bogdan, Vasile Leac, Nita Mocanu, Marius Stoica

    09/07/2018 - 17/08/2018


    In 2018, ODD is a partner in the Meetfactory Arists-in-Residency project The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, a network of independent cultural institutions within Central and Eastern Europe.

  • ODD NIGHT #22

    Wilted Woman, Admina

    06/07/2018 23:00

    Control Club

    For our first collaboration with Control Club, we’re bringing two mighty techno goddesses to share their gloomy dancefloor experiments.

  • QUIET ODD #17

    06/07/2018 18:30

    kinema ikon, Arad Art Museum

    The second session of Video Battle at QUIET ODD continues with selections from Indonesia and Malaysia, this time presented at Kinema Ikon in Arad. The videos concentrate around the interactions between artists and the city in post-Reformation Indonesia, spanning over different years and genres.

  • Introspective #5

    Micleușanu M., Alexandru Patatics

    29/06/2018 21:30

    An odd combo happens on Friday night. Following What’s left? (final presentation of Indonesian residents at ODD), we dive into Introspective featuring Micleușanu M. & A. Patatics.