In 2017, ODD makes its first attempt at a fully curated program. Exhibitions and performances, work groups and public debates – all gather under the banner of privacy, a term we set to understand and re-signify.

The proposal is based on the observation that contemporary space where the individual may act (that he is allowed to act in) is a public one which in fact is governed by the rhetoric of the private. The public space no longer functions on the basis of negotiations between different individuals / various groups, it is claimed by an abstract entity which is nonetheless humanized, a kind of moral absolute master, acting in its own interest, that of economic profit.

Interventions in the gallery space look at abstract as well as physical coordinates of the private, weight its ability to function in and of its own, as well as in connection to the public, asses its morphology, permeability and limits, and question discourses surrounding it.

The screening program QUIET ODD is produced in partnership with n.b.k. and the Czech Centre in Bucharest, featuring a monthly selection of Romanian and international artist films relevant for our topic.

ODD THEORY returns with a permanent work group and several public lectures & workshops, from thinkers in the arts, literature, media and politics.


Featuring: Cristina Bogdan, Vasile Leac, Monotremu, Constantin Badea, von blaremberg, Camilla Paolino & Lucas Cantori, Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica, Ovidiu Hulubei, Adriana Gheorghe, Marina Albu, Mihai Pecingine, Ovid Pop, Florian Cramer, Germán Sierra, G.M. Tamás, Jonathan Miles, František Zachoval, Silke Wittig, Anca Bucur, George Roșu.


* Image credits: Ariel Cusnir, Planets, 2013.


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